Small Engine Repair

At Liberty Small Engine we offer an extensive inventory of parts for over-the-counter purchases as well as in-stock parts for our mechanics working on your machines. We are continually placing parts orders with our distributors. We pride ourselves on being able to supply you with the necessary parts, as well as accessories, for your lawn and garden equipment.

Equipment Service Pricing

Push Mower                                            $99.50
Self-Propelled Mower                            $115.00
Riding Mowers & Tractors                     $295.00


Snow Thrower (Single Stage)                $130.00
Snow Blower Service (Two Stage)        $160.00
Push Leaf Blower 8hp& under               $84.50
Backpack Blowers                                  $99.50

String Trimmer                                       $89.50
Power Washer                                         $89.50

Portable Generator  (Gas Only)        $189.00

Hourly Shop Labor Rate         $110.00

Minimum Labor Charge         $55.00

All Pricing is Plus Parts and Subject to New York State Sales Tax

Mower Service Includes: Oil change, sharpen blade, flush fuel system, replace air filter, clean carburetor, test ignition system, cylinder leak down test, check drive system (self-propelled only)

Push Leaf Blower Service Includes: oil change, clean head & valves (L head only), replace air filter, flush fuel system.

Backpack Blower Service includes: Clean and inspect exhaust ports, flush fuel system, replace fuel filter, clean carburetor.

Snow Thrower & Snow Blower Service Includes: oil change, flush fuel system, clean carburetor, lubricate augur gear box, check shear pins, grease augur shaft, check drive belt(s), adjust and lubricate drive system, level augur and skid shoes, check tires for proper air pressure,

String Trimmer Service Includes: Flush fuel system, replace fuel filter, clean carburetor and exhaust ports, clean or replace air filter, lubricate drive shaft and head.

Power Washer Service includes: oil change, replace spark plug, replace air filter, flush fuel system, lubricate pump, check high pressure, check un-loader valve.

Portable Generator Service Includes: Change oil, clean and adjust carburetor, test AC outputs, check load and no load performance and check top no load speed.

All pricing is subject to 8.75% Sale Tax

Prices do not include parts.

Call for pricing on pickup and delivery service.

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